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           Mother and Daughter Productions are proud to present “What’s Hidden”, the TV series show and the airwave broadcasted Radio show.  I am Andrea Spruill, Executive Producer and Creator of these entertaining entities. The TV series features emerging and established underground Artist, Writers, Composers, Rappers, Singers, Poets, Designers, Entrepreneurs and much, much more.


What’s Hidden”, the TV show, is currently airing in Philadelphia: Comcast 66 & 966-  Verizon 29-30 on PhillyCam’s Web-stream and Demand, with a viewership of 420,000; New Hampshire: Channel 9 and Web-stream, with a viewership of 96,000; Massachusetts: Channels 9 & 98, with a viewership of 46,000.


In addition to the TV show,  “What’s Hidden”, we also host a weekly radio show that plays only the music from the underground that is provided from musical and poetic talent. The Radio show is on WPPM, 106.5 FM; every Friday at 8PM. To listen outside of the air waves, The Radio show is live streamed on and


This TV series and Radio show provides an opportunity for artists to connect with their audience and introduce the artist to our Television Viewers and Radio show Listeners.  These shows are designed to create a platform for those artists to be heard and seen in a multimedia forum.


Andrea Spruill 

Executive Producer
Mother and Daughter Productions

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Mother and Daughter Productions is working on a movie "One Week" it is currently in production. Check out the Production page for more details! 

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