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Mixology Drink Specials

The Mixology Segement is One of our Favorite Segments. Guest are able to create a drink and name it and most have never done it before.



What's Hidden Exclusive

Eliza Mae "Sacred Sour'

A Smooth Soulution to a long day!

Sarcred Sour's 

Ingredents are simple

Sour Beer and sparkeling berry cider

JRizzy "Rizzy Rendezvous"

This drink is smooth but hit quick. 

the ingredents:

Vodka, Frozen pinnaples ,Champane soda 

Mek46st Philly'sBaby "Mek Baba Juice"

This is a sweet bubbly refreshing drink.

The ingredents:

Frozen Peaches and Kiwi, Mango Juice, tropical spriter.

Mad Swayzie "The Swayzie" 

The Swayzie will have you swayzie The ingredents:

Honey Whiskey

Frozen  peaches and apples

White Grape seltzer.

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